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My name is TOBIAS Talovín, but everybody in my family calls me Tobík. I am a pugbaby born on June 27th, 2000 so I am 286¾ months old.
They bring me in my new home (town Litomerice in Czech Republic) on August 20th, 2000. I have been with my new family for 285 months.
I am not good in English, but I wish to try make this site international. Please be kind to me :-)

As a first step, I can recomend my photo gallery to you. There you will see 595 pictures of me, my family and from my life from puppyhood into present time.

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History of site (last 15 events)

09/11/2003   OOOPS... My hard disk with new design of these pages, new pictures and other data is gone forever with all data on it. :-(
I apologize to not answering emails, because I've lost them... :-(
07/03/2002   This site was moved to new hosting at
10/18/2001   Today at 1:45AM was borned to my dad's brother Tom and his wife Danny girl Karolinka!!! Her measures are 52 cm and 4 kg and EVERYTHING'S OK.
You can visit her website on, but I'm not sure how often are these pages updated :-)
08/12/2001   Tobik has won another one great award! (Super Site Award)
08/04/2001   Tobik has won another one great award! (Awesome site award)
08/02/2001   Tobik's site was selected as „Cool DOG Site of the Day
07/28/2001   Tobik has won another one great award! (Petra's Cool Site Award)
06/15/2001   Problems with viewing pictures in some browsers (IE 5.0) were corrected.
Why didn't anybody told me about it???
06/02/2001   You can subscribe Tobik's news!
05/31/2001   Tobik has won another one great award! (Precious' Playground Award)
05/28/2001   Into Tobik's gallery have been added pictures 544-595
These pictures were taken with new digital camera Olympus C-3000Z
05/25/2001   Gallery uses now MySQL.
05/19/2001   Today at 8:15am CEST Tobik FINALY has lifted his leg while peeing!!!
Open the bottle of champagne and celebrate with us :-)
If you don't believe us, here is an evidence! :-)
05/15/2001   You can leave private message in guestbook now
05/13/2001   Other small improvements of viewing pictures

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